Hello and welcome to the home of Tarot To Heal The World. My name is Alison and I help people connect with who they really are, and their soul’s purpose in the world, through intuitive insights, tarot cards and coaching. I believe strongly that we need to develop greater compassion and care for our world and to do this, we need to find peace in ourselves. I usually find the people who love to work with me are facing some sort of life change that they need help with practically but also at a soul-level. Examples include: starting a new business; managing the needs of elderly parents; coping with their own aging; working out what makes them happy and how to achieve that. Depending on what comes up I can give you exercises to take away to aid further reflection and I also offer coaching sessions for follow up practical support. Sessions are held via Zoom and for those who need a slower pace, such as those with limited energy, email/messaging.

I have completed Part 1 and 2 of Katrina Wynne’s Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate programme and am currently doing the brand new advanced level, Part 3. You can find out more about the programme and Katrina’s work here: https://tarotcounseling.org/study. I have a background in Learning & Development designing and delivering management, team and personal development, using psychometrics such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, coaching and facilitation. I hold an MSc in Organizational Behaviour, a Certificate in Coaching from the Centre for Coaching, and have done numerous related professional development programmes.

Details of pricing and how to book a session can be found on the Pricing & How to Book page.

You will also find:

  • information about me on the About Me page and about the way I work on the Philosophy and Approach page
  • my blog where I explore Tarot within the greater context of interconnectedness and healing ourselves and the world
  • a form to sign up to my newsletter where I go into more depth about some of the things I discuss on the blog and share some personal loves (to be added)
  • (coming soon) a list of useful resources including books, websites, and recommendations of other professionals

I have sought to create an accessible website. If you find anything that could be improved, or you have any feedback in general, you can email me at info@tarottohealtheworld.co.uk.

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